Would you buy a cheap clone of trendy smartphone?

There’s something really intriguing regarding the shady realm of smartphone clone makers. Whether it’s the sheer volume and diversity, the speed at which clones of popular flagships are released, or just the way these are priced, there’s always something to focus on.

When we say fascinating, we don’t necessarily mean you should ditch Samsung or Apple and go for No. 1. The big question is, when you consider in the many times lower cost, is the clone still a foolish buy? Can the hardware inside really be that bad? Could the clone phone actually be a good backup device to keep around just in case?


Chinese shoppers place a 1.67 million complaints in 2016

China’s market regulators have got received a 1.67 million consumer  complaints last year 2016 and 1.59 million were processed, data came from the State Administration of Industry and commerce showed.

Complaints rate was 95.2 percent up to 1.2 percent from one year earlier, according to the administration in a statement on its website.

The complaints concerned 4.06 billion yuan or approximately $592 million in disputes. The authorities are assisted consumers to recover 1.82 billion yuan. A statement said consumers complaints are online shopping, appliances, and services at fast paces.
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Mobile phone industry builds most consumer complaints

Mobile phone industry lead last year’s list for gaining complaints from  mobile-phone-industry-builds-most-consumer-complaintsconsumers, based to Better Business Bureau serving the Northwest. BBB Northwest managed nearly 7,000 complaints regarding mobile phone services and supplies.

Second on the list is the Internet services, which made nearly 4,000 complaints. Furthermore, consumers had also concerns with computer software, developers and publishers, collection agencies, travel agencies, property management, skin care, car dealers and animal hospitals.
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Why consumer complaints are good for business?

Every business their greatest goal is to always and always to satisfied the (we) Why consumer complaints are good for businesscustomers. We consumers are spreading the information about the business how great marketing they have. The problem occurs when the news being spread negatively that’s what happen in cellular country complaints. Complaining clients fear most business particularly in today’s online powered where consumers have a extensive and far reaching platform to discuss about the firms, providers and importantly the products. These people have the power to spread thousands of friends on social media sites or business review platforms regarding their encounter with the business. This power is like a double edge sword for every business because among those consumers telling are complaining because how bad their experience about the product or the service from the company. Continue reading

Complaints get worse with Google Nexus 6P

Google Nexus 6P might be the best smartphone in 2015, however it’s not the  Complaints get worse with Google Nexus 6Phandset is not that perfect at all. More concerns come up when users get the Google Nexus 6P and to share a few check below the common issues of the device.

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The common issues faced by the Nexus 6P is that the switch to landscape mode for no reasons and would not be able to return I portrait without ease. Other common problem is the 3 way calling where the caller is not allowed to send text message if they have another incoming call. But, this shows up to be more of an error than a glitch, therefore an update must be able to fix this bug.
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Complaints blast at Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Battery life

There is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy 5 is the best phablets today and cellular country complaints - Samsung Galaxy Note 5this comes as no surprise offered that its past family phablets are the first on the market.

Having said that the Samsung Galaxy Note series had its reasonable share of battles among screen size and battery life.

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This Samsung Galaxy Note 5 features 3,000mAh battery a bit smaller than the Note 4, the total of 27 hours and 30 minutes for full charge while Galaxy 4 is 28 hours and 46 minutes.
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iOS 9 Update complaints by several users

Almost apple users wait for latest iOS update; however when the time the update runs to iOS 9 Update complaints by several userstheir handsets they start worrying for some bugs that iOS update made.

When Apple launched its newest iOS 9, many users assumed that the latest update will make their lifestyle simpler. The Tech giants report of significant enhancement of face value and raced to update their high priced devices to the latest OS update.

Latest reports that many problems that the update has caused into the high end devices that start user ruin they daily life. Cupertino based tech giant mentioned that the new iOS 9 update will definitely improve the battery life and the new Siri interface. Continue reading